Ideas behind the blog

My original plan to start this blog is to help my readers, particularly expatriates living in the area where the usual cooking tools, ingredients and spices are limited or unavailable and help them with their cooking problems. 

The idea is to offer them an alternative solution to their cooking problems. For example: suggesting alternative tools/equipment, alternative ingredients and spices or simply alternative recipes base on limited ingredients they have in their areas.

This idea came to my mind when my husband and I were stationed in the remote area of Myanmar. In where, many of cooking tools, ingredients and spices that we usually use were very limited or even not available at all while we still wanted to have our “home taste” cooking. Apparently, this problem also experienced by some of our colleagues and friends. Therefore, when I came out with some alternative to this problem and shared it with them, they have been really happy, especially when I came out with a simple-cheap alternative oven to bake bread. It was really a simple thing but nobody was thinking about it before until then. At least not at that time and not in that village where we were.    

At same time, this blog was also intended for sharing my passion for cooking and sharing few of my favorite recipes with all of my readers. Later on, I also think that this blog can also be a useful tool for me to find out whether people like my recipes or not, whether my cooking directions are easy to follow or not. Most importantly, I would like to know your opinion about these recipes because some of them will be put into a cooking book(s) that I have been thinking to make and publish it, someday, maybe... 

Meanwhile, check out this blog and find few collection of recipes on the Recipes page and please be so kind to let me know your opinion about the recipes or about the direction, or about the food itself. For guidance to the spices and herb used in this recipes, you can find it on the Spices Dictionary page. 

However, you may find the arrangement the pages are not really practical but as you know blogging has its limitation (blaming the blogger for my clumsiness... lol )

Anyway, enjoy your trip throughout my blog...!! 

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