13 May 2012

Story of Rendang

Rendang is a traditional dish that can be easily found all over Indonesia particularly in "Padang" restaurant. It is recently becoming more and more famous all over the world from mouth to mouth recommendation of travelers. Rendang is also commonly found in Malaysia but it is originally a traditional food from West Sumatra brought long ago by "perantau" from West Sumatra. However, rendang that found in Malaysia has slightly different taste then its original taste in West Sumatra. 

In West Sumatra, rendang is usually a kind of dish prepared for any kind of traditional party, celebration or special occasion and its usually cook in big amount and cook together with the neighbors. Some preparing the spices, some preparing the coconut milk while others preparing the meat etc.The preparation can take about 2 to 3 hours while the cooking time of rendang normally will take 7 to 8 hours or even more and it is best when cooks in low fire. This long cooking process that make the food becoming special and taste wonderful, at the same time it can be stored for more than a month.

The recipe that I wrote here for you, is the original one from the recipe of my great-great grandmother which I learned from my grandmother. But in this recipe, the cooking time has been reduced as it will be consumed directly in a short time.